Music: Ain’t it a Shame

Two days ago I heard the song Ain’t it a shame by Leadbelly, it’s known by the interpretation of Nirvana, but I love the original song.

I really like it because I think it reflects the two sides of religion (religious education, way of thinking), for one it talks about the way of thinking, “ain’t it a shame” to do something on Sunday  -the only day that God asks of you- it’s not a lot to ask, it’s one day out of seven, and you have all week to dedicate to mundane things.

And on the other hand it talks about that double moral which means, you can behave in an offensive way all week as long as you don’t do it on a Sunday, as long as you go to church and pray, everything will be ok, even if you are mean the rest of the time.

I believe there is a whole philosophycal problem underneath it, really worth reflecting upon.

Here’s the original version

Inspired by that, I happened to take some pictures that add up perfectly to it.

Here they are:





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