Trend G Model Search Riviera Maya 2012

Trend G crowned Tawnya Block and Gretty Navarrete as the first winners of

the Model Search Riviera Maya 2012

With awesome talent and amazing attitude Tawnya Block (USA) and Gretty Navarrete (Cancun) are the new Trend G  models.

Block representing the Fitness category showed great modeling skills, stage presence and people skills as well as the perfect figure to represent the fitness world.

Navarrete on the other hand showed a strong Fashion model drive, remarkable catwalk and posing skills and an overall confident and strong presence.

In Fashion Hotel in Playa del Carmen was the perfect venue fot one of the hottest events of the season, the Hotel with it’s minimal style and unique design gave way to a floating catwalk on top of the pool in an open terrace right in front of the best clubs of  Playa del Carmen.

During the competition the models wore sports clothes by Stepavani a brand that showed a high quality sports fashion set, their deisgns reflected today’s women, confident, comfortable and glamourous even while exercising.

Moments later, Nahiara bathing suits showed their proposal for the season, the colors, textures and images presented showed that there is an ideal option for ecah type of woman, from flirty to temptress and seductive the fasion beachwear showed on the catwalk gave room for women to choose who they want to be.

Gretty Navarrete,  winner of the Fashion Category

Finally the beachwear catwalk showed the true life and style of  Playa del Carmen with the show from Carlotv lv locv  a fresh proposal by mexican designer Erandi Domínguez Torres and Leben Moda.

Meanwhile the judges were analyzing every move and development of the girls on the runway. One of the celebrity judges at the event was Jas Devael the spanish new talent that makes it’s place in mexican hearts with the amazing music he interprets. He deligted the audience with an a capella performance during the announcement of the winners.

                                     Tawnya Block, winner of the Fitness Category

Also the event featured many personalities from the fitness world, the media and of course fashion and lifestyle. Sport City, the best fitness club in the country gave away a free memership to the winners to help them keep training and preparing theirselves for their carreer at their world class club.

Palazzo attended too, being the night club of the moment in Playa it creates the perfect experience for Playa’s famous night life in the elegant and trendy way that identifies Mandala Group, its presence was very appreciated as were the prizes they gave away.

With Andrés de la Rosa Photography combined with the talent of  Eye Candy Modeling Agency, the hosting of the talent of Mexico’s number one online radio station: FM Cancun and the support of all the sponsors, the first Trend G Model Search Riviera Maya 2012 was a total success.

Te event showed the life and style of one of the hottest beach cities in the world and showed why Playa del Carmen is “the place to be”, a great model search that showcased a lot of talent tnad that no doubt will grow to continue searching and giving opportunities to models all over the country.

Watch the pictures from the show with extra material from backstage

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Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico may 27, 2012

Article and Photographs by: Kristina Guerrero

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