Evolution of my dietary habits


Lately I have started to pay more attention to what my body tells me, it’s amazing how loud and clear its own voice is and how organically the body works.

I have been trying to observe the connection between my eating habits and the way I feel physically, mentally and spiritually.

Without adopting any particular style or diet I have been trying to eat what my body works better with. One of the principles of ayurveda is knowing your body type and I have always liked the idea because it’s true that not every food suits the same for everyone and listening to your body is a way of honoring and respecting yourself.

I have never been a big fan of eggs or milk, or red meat and it has been interesting to observe that whenever I eat any form of meat, I feel like I usually do because I’m used to it but my mood is absolutely heavier, I get angry and aggressive with a lot more ease and my bowel movements are heavy and slow.

Whenever I don’t eat any form of meat I feel more balanced, like more in tune with myself, my values, my inner peace, I just have a brighter perspective or reaction on things and I don’t crave any sort of heavy, meat or too sweet food.

After that experiment I realized that I wanted to change the way I normally eat, how I was brought up and start eliminating the foods I don’t like, but of course this is a big deal, a process like that might seem so easy like saying, I just won’t drink milk but you still need to get the nutriments you would have gotten.

That being said and after trying by myself to see how I felt I did feel some lack of energy, so I went to the nutrionist and I am thrilled with the experience.

The nutrionist I visit is a specialist in sports nutrition so I love that because I can incorporate my physical activity to my energy requirements in my diet. Although I don’t train any formal sport, I like to keep a dynamic routine at the gym alternating the options for cardio and doing the weight training, and of course my yoga (Can’t live without it).

What I learned was very interesting because although my weight is in a normal range for my height, my body fat levels are pretty high.

This are the numbers I am interested in looking at, because your weight doesn’t necessarily reflect your in depth health status. What probably happened to me is that since I have been reducing my intake on animal protein, I wasn’t reaching the same amounts of protein I need from other sources, for instance, I know that legumes have protein but I didn’t know how much I would need to eat to reach the proper amount of protein my body needs, and since I am exercising, my body  starting using the muscle instead of the fat, because it felt the need to store it, therefore my body fat levels went up.

I also learned about the proper sources for protein in non-dairy milk, I have read there is a lot of options like almond milk, which I used to drink, but in terms of protein the amounts you get are minimal, the proper substitute would be soy milk.

I also learned that in order to absorb the iron in legumes there needs to be a presence of citric acid, which I didn’t know.

My eating plan right now is amazing and I love it, for the first time in my life I have been able to wake up early without having to drag myself out of bed, literally, it came to a point where it was annoying I wanted to wake up and I couldn’t.

I feel absolutely great, with perfect energy levels, I feel satisfied with every meal, I get to eat things I love and cook and experiment with recipes and what I can come up with, my endurance at the gym is fab, I feel even better than before and my mood is shining. I feel much more connected to myself but I definitely needed professional advice on how to make the transition and make the most out of it for my lifestyle.

I really recommend that you visit an expert in nutrition even if you don’t want to change, if you feel like something within your body doesn’t work quite right, and you’re healthy and “normal” maybe you are not really getting the fuel you need, you won’t be sick for a doctor or anything, but you will certainly see the difference when you eat what’s right for you. What we eat is one of the most important factor in our overall health.

I am convinced that if you want to lose weight, the key to success is the kitchen.

I will be sharing more of this new journey in my life that I’m very excited about 😀

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