Do Not Let What You Cannot Do


With What You Can Do

It feels like a long time ago since I started this blog, I was a young woman in search for her path and willing to do anything to find it.

I can still remember how I was so eager to live a life full of passion and rewards, I wanted to “live the dream” and have every aspect of my life balanced and functional from work to finance to health, fitness and relationships.

5 years later here I am, drawn to write again, the same person in essence but with many more pieces of information (experiences) and a deeper connection with myself.

So what happened during all this time? Why did I stop writing and why do I come back now to start over once more? Well, I did what I felt I had to do, for a term of 5 years I found a professional activity I loved and I poured myself into it, I worked hard to develop a career and gain independence, I committed to a formal relationship, I kept a cordial life with my parents and sister and “tried” to balance everything.

I reached the point where a “successful career” led to a “successful happy life” and everything seemed to be fine, I had everything, and I enjoyed it, but still I could always feel there was something else that I was missing, it was almost as if a part of me was missing.

I wasn’t satisfied the way I imagined I would be, even though I was doing all that I set myself to do. I was a decent millennial working, playing, traveling while documenting everything on facebook, but somehow the feeling inside of me grew stronger, this is not what I wanted, I wanted “something more”. I realized this concept was pretty hard to explain, because I didn’t know what it meant, just something I had felt all my life, and then I took a real look at what I was doing, who was I?

I realized that my concepts about life, happiness and success didn’t really make any sense. Not to me anyway, they were acquired while I grew up and I totally agreed with them, never questioned if that was me.

Maybe everything I have been taught is just wrong, and there is no one to blame for it, it’s just the way society has worked for years, but it doesn’t really work for me.

Today I understand that I don’t need to “do” or “have” or “know” anything to be me, I AM.

I exist and I don’t have anything to accomplish, I don’t have anything to prove and I certainly don’t need to create a version of myself that is constantly looking forward to the approval of a boss, a parent, a partner, a friend and of the entire civilization.

I feel I was given the opportunity to be part of this world at this precise time in history for a purpose, something that is bigger than myself, not to look for what I can achieve but for what I can give. Why do I have to be interested only in what I can take from this Earth, from people, from companies, from society?

I am thrilled and excited for the present time and I enjoy the opportunity that I have to share it through this blog, sharing it with everyone that wants to read it, from the simplest things in life to my deepest thoughts and spontaneous actions.

I know what I’m about to say is nothing new, it’s common knowledge and it has been repeatedly stated and experienced by the brightest people that have lived throughout history, so don’t take it from me.

LOVE is all.

LOVE is within and it cannot be destroyed


LOVE is free


Is it really that hard to love?

Because honestly the world is just completely against it, we have created this crazy ideas in our heads like race, borders, money… and every single thing we do as a global society is selfish, we love only the people we like, we love only the things we want, we love taking and we are not willing to ever stop taking.

We like to listen to positive songs and reading inspiration phrases but we are committed to the idea that there is nothing we can do to change the status quo. We are trained to survive instead of live (As long as I’m fine then let everyone else deal with their own thing)…right?

Well I think that things don’t just happen, I create them…so I am the change.



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  1. Rodrigo Constandse


    I liked how you covered the anti EPN march story in Cancun.
    I would gladly discuss business or allíance oportunities with you.

    Kind regards,


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