Photography: The Sky at Night

I want to share my sight of the sky at midnight, it reminded me of the song “Vincent” by Don Mclean, there’s something about it that touches me deeply, as did the moon in the middle of an empty street at midnight.

An image created to interpret the metaphor of Vang Gogh himself with the help of the moon, the night and a line of electrical lightposts.

Listen to the song while you watch the picturesย 


Say it with a Quote II: Trust Yourself

“Hey! Here are some more images with quotes I would like to share for inspiration, it’s Friday! Take a few seconds to think about these powerful words and make the best out of your day, but most of all, always trust youself. Best Regards”. -K

Say it with a Quote

I like to go through life and find a short succesion of words that are powerful enough to stop me for ย just a moment and make me think about something.