First of July


Today is the first of July and it is a very important day in Mexico, coincidentally, today a lot of mexicans are fulfilling their civic duty by voting for the next president and congress representatives.

A lot of mexicans are once again trusting and hoping for a change to come their way, for their lives to improve, for the country to progress.

I can’t relate to this idea, sadly I don’t see how an election, a moment of crossing out a name in a paper would give mexicans as a society the ability to improve anything, because as a society mexicans do not participate in the construction of the legal framework at anytime after the election, they simply put their trust in the politicians (and I will not use the word representatives because they are actually not representing the interests of the society) and hope for the best. This is the process every 6 years, to participate for a second to trust for the rest of their term.

For the longest time Mexico has lived in the perfect dictatorship, the ruler: A nice group of the richest entrepreneurs that have a long and profitable marriage with the mass media.

Why should I vote for a person that does not represent me? Why should I give my trust to someone I don’t trust?

Every 6 years the presidential elections are not about supporting the candidate that you choose, they are about trying to choose from all evils the one that seems least harmful, What type of democracy is that?

I believe that voting for the sake of “trusting democracy” is the worst way to waste your political freedom.

I believe that I should not lie about what I truly think and that I shouldn’t be afraid to face judgement from all the “good citizens” that choose to vote and I definitely shouldn’t be afraid that the government itself will threaten my life.

Listen to me mexicans: The change that you long for is not in any political party, nor in the government, it’s in our own ability to stop being selfish and start being human.

Political proposals are always so smart and amazing and so void…in reality the mexican constitution allows convicted criminals with criminal background for fraud and many other crimes to run for office in the Congress, in reality most of the mexican and foreign companies pay low salaries and demand countless hours of work from the people , they don’t pay for training and avoid paying extra hours as much as they can making it impossible for the people to live a balanced life, in reality the lucky people who actually have a job work until exhaustion to earn a way of life and neither the company nor the government support them even if they are single parents or if they have a family member with special needs or disability, in reality the government lends money to workers to buy an 85sq meter home and pay for it with interest for the rest of their life, in reality companies use other “sub-companies” to sign their work agreements and pay less taxes and to avoid complying with their constitutional obligations towards workers, in reality there are not enough spaces in schools for people to access basic education and a university degree is a privilege for a few percentage of the population whom also have to pay to access private schools because there are not enough spaces in public schools.

I didn’t hear any of the candidates mention anything about reforming the Constitution to include the mexican society in the actual decision making process of the laws that affect their lives. I didn’t hear any of the candidates mention that if you are a convicted criminal you are banned from running for public office, I didn’t hear any of the candidates talk about their real lives,  about who they are, I didn’t hear anyone having a clear vision about what they can and can’t accomplish to heal hundreds of years of mismanagement from countless previous governments and what they can and can’t do to stop the manipulation of information from the media.

“To end corruption”- That is the single most vague and virtually impossible idea I have heard…Come on! Why should I allow these people (the candidates) to treat me as if I weren’t able to understand a thing?

No, corruption will never end and no one can eradicate it, it exists in every country at every level and it will always exist as long as human beings exist because it is part of the human behavior…corruption has existed since time immemorial and the point is not to change that, the point is not to end it, the point is what to do in response to corruption and with all the consequences of corruption.

Nowadays in Mexico every politician that has been corrupt lives freely and at leisure to enjoy the money they stole, the businesses they made, the profit they gathered… What legal mechanism does the mexican society have in response to this?…NONE.

Ex-presidents that have been infamous throughout history, that have caused one economic crisis after the other, all they have to do is wait in their mansions in Switzerland or France until it’s ok to come back and live in Mexico again, slowly it becomes normal to have them around and after a while they and their children even become celebrities appearing in social magazines, showing off their million dollar weddings. This model is replicated at every level of government from majors of a municipality to the president of the republic.

Who is proposing any legal mechanism to react in defense of the people’s will? Who can think that rewarding these people is the people’s will? What sort of democracy is that?

Every 6 years I write a post like this and I wish that someone would understand that what any country needs, what any society needs is first to LIVE BY REAL HUMAN VALUES, for people to forget all the indoctrination, repression, insecurity, fear and violence they have been fed up and raised with and to learn how to be human.

How to know and love your self, how to respect your self, how to love your environment, how to love all other human beings because until you love others you will actually start to care about them and  by others I mean all others, not just your family, to love your family is not enough: love a stranger, love the person who has AIDS, love the person who is homeless, love the elders, love the single parents, love the people living in poverty, love all others, if you are able to love them then you will work with them and not against them and then you will be able to build a balanced society.

Human beings that live from this place will lead by example and those are the mexicans I would vote for.





I want to adopt minimalism

How many times have I regretted falling into the trap of “living the good life”, working and making what seems like enough money to go and spend it.

Every time after the shopping spree I couldn’t really keep the joy as I realized I didn’t really need any of the things I bought.

Sure, shopping and spending money in expensive things comes with the feeling of power and achievement but it’s just a big illusion.

I realized that spending money and buying things I didn’t need basically came from a deeply rooted subconscious need to show off; to prove to others I was “better” or the “alpha person” because I could afford expensive things…when and why did I ever believe that big fat lie?

I started prepping for my life changing almighty year long trip exactly last spring, in my mind I saw this picture of myself with a big backpack over my shoulders staring into the horizon on the top of a mountain in a remote place, so of course I set to the task of finding the perfect backpack and the perfect outfit to accomplish this picture perfect moment.

Once I had the backpack it took me 3 months and many attempts to actually pack it, the first time I packed it I had so many things that I couldn’t even fit them inside.

On the second attempt I took a good look at what I was planning to take and sacrificed some clothes for the sake of fitting it all in, this time the clothes were inside but the toiletries not.

On the third attempt I tried to take only the basic things and it worked but the weight was such that I couldn’t even carry it.

That exercise made me realize how much stuff my brain thought I needed at the time and how hard it was to erase this program: My brain really couldn’t get around surviving with only what is really necessary and practical.

Finally I managed to pack the bag and to get it on the plane but every time I had to walk a lot with it I realized I was carrying a lot and I was not even using half of the things, they were all for “in case I go to____”.

I have now been traveling for 9 months and I have been getting rid of things all along.

Of course the question in my mind “Will I survive without these or that?” was totally stupid and unnecessary, everywhere I went I had everything that I needed for that specific place and weather not because I had bought it and had it in my backpack but because the universe and life is amazing and abundant.

It’s learning how to flow within life, being aware that all you need is already taken care of and there is no need to worry.

I always have this image from the movie “Finding Nemo” when the fish get into the current and they encounter the turtles, they are wise and laid back enjoying the current, they have learned how to get on it and when to exit and they are not afraid to go with it and enjoy it.

I am determined to flow into life instead of fighting against it, to make my own rules and create my own social model based on what’s really important for me: connection with nature, respect, love for this planet and for all its living beings and for that I don’t need things, I need only the basics which can be at the same time things that I like and want but I really feel the urge to live with the minimum.

Traveling has given me the opportunity to start and yet I feel I have a long way to go.

My goal for the next 6 months is to manage to have only my backpack, whatever fits in there is what I keep and what doesn’t then I want to let go…

Let’s see how that goes

Smiling Dogs

Going through my archives I just found this picture of Brandy!! a.k.a. Brandyna from 2012, she is the sweet companion of good friend and wedding filmmaker Oscar Nunez.

It’s wonderful and amazing how dogs and animals in general can lift your spirit.

I have always thought we would benefit a lot being more dog-like, authentic, living in the moment, loving, caring, playful, friendly, fierce, enjoying the simple things, living a simple and rewarding life, realizing all that matters is here and now and loving completely without boundaries.

Thank you animal realm for teaching us without words such valuable meanings, thank you for your existence because without you humankind would be lost.

Thank you to all the people who love dogs and animals, who take care of them and are able to understand that even if we don’t speak the same language (us and them) we are all part of the same family.



A phrase of inspiration

The only thing preventing us from living in peace and harmony is our limited idea that we can’t do it

What’s left of another year

Christmas time, it’s foggy and misty outside and I feel that it is my duty as a writer to be inspired by the season and write something meaningful while I sip from a cup of hot chocolate in front of me.

However what I want to say is nothing new or christmasy. I just want to take a couple of minutes to share how grateful I am for this precious journey of life, everyday is truly a gift and an opportunity to create a positive impact.

In spite of all the things that are backwards in this world, in spite of this huge need for human beings to kill everything and everyone around them just to feel “superior”, I find the space to be thankful because I know that each day the chance for change is reborn.

I am thankful for the people that choose peace over violence everyday, for the people that look inside themselves to find true happiness instead of hoping to reach it someday, for the people that have opened their eyes and don’t settle for the current model of society a few are selling, I am thankful for all of those who listen to their hearts, spread their wings and fly.

The end of the year brings the countdown and remembrance of accomplishments and the new goals for the year to come, would it be possible to include one action to benefit all other living beings in this long list full of self-satisfying delusions?

Wouldn’t it be great to count down how many lives we served and how we helped to eradicate violence, hate, hunger, war, corruption, abuse, environmental devastation?

This human life is so precious that we have the opportunity to create our own reality and help those who are not in the circumstances to do so.

What if instead of supporting the destroyers of Earth buying all of this things and ideas that we don’t need we used that energy and that money in a practical way to actually change the world?

Walk more, drive less, meditate and treat others with kindness, acknowledge how important and kind others are, treat the world with respect and realize it’s possible to share.

Stop identifying yourself with one religion and one country, understand that we are all human, we are all important and we all want the same thing: love.

All living beings deserve the same freedom and respect as you think you deserve, it’s time to stop the violence towards our planet… we have the power to change the world what number of year are we waiting for to begin?


Passing the test


Often when we pursue spiritual growth we pay attention on how we react, how we feel and how we progress.

After a while of continuing state of balance or comfort, our ego finds a way to trick us again into believing we are great at what we’re doing, things that bothered us before no longer do and we become more calm and selfless. But spiritual growth just like life is a path and not a destination, we never cease to learn and to face challenges. We don’t know it all.

Even in periods of comfort we must not stop our efforts to persevere in our spiritual path, we must practice it every day with every little thing we can, we have planted the seed of love in our heart and if it’s growing healthy we must keep watering it, keep allowing the sun to shine and enter, keep nurturing it, cleaning it and strengthen it.

Then the real tests begging to happen, when you are ready for them, you face situations that you didn’t see coming. You face the hurt that you have suffered before and it comes back strong. You are presented with a situation where you do not know what the right thing is to do. And what do you do? How do you react?

Do you go back to your usual ways and let ego take control?

You realize that a life without ego is an amazing human achievement worthy of saints. You understand you can’t eradicate your ego and you make peace with yourself knowing you are trying your best. And there you are in front a very important test.

A test that will move your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and the summary of your progress so far.

You face the truth of knowing that not everybody loves you, in fact some people despise you and have felt very negative things towards you, you are blamed for whatever choices you have made and you understand there is people that wish you harm instead of good.

The same people you have supported and loved, and cared for and appreciated, that presented to you as a friend and didn’t take long to reveal their true intentions.

What do you do? In the split second you have to choose your reaction, do you allow this negative tendencies to enter your heart?

Keep your heart strong and persevere, do not give in, a test is not supposed to be easy.

Accept what comes your way and be thankful for those who want to hurt you because the more they try, the less they can. The more they hurt themselves. You are protected. Trust in God, give your best effort and if you need help, just remember you are not alone.


Romantic Photos in the Shores of Cancun

As part of a personal project and a combination of family fun, my cousin and I set out to the beach to take some romantic pictures of yet another cousin that came to visit.

Here’s what we got:













Thank you,

All comments appreciated 😀